Meet just some of my furry & feathered clients!


Coco, Maggi, Ally, Ace, Dory, & Bridgett
Bridgett, Standard Poodle
Bridgett getting some TLC
Finn with my dog, Dory
Tigger & Larkey, Quarter Horses
Robby & Cheza
Cheza & Robby - this is what happens when you try to do yoga with two very affectionate dogs! Robby is doing his own version of the downward dog.
Quin, Pearl, & Skeeter
Kel, Malamute puppy
Cody & Jurnie
Lyssa, the cutest guinea pig on the planet!
Duke & Clara, Boxers
Boone & Crockett, Cockapoos
Mindy, Rotweiller
Audi, Boston Terrier. My cat, Rex, decided he needed to be part of this photo shoot! Rex is a real character; he goes with us when we walk the dogs, and his favorite game is to run and pounce on my dog when I am bicycling with her!
Crissy & Vegas. Goodbye sweet Vegas. My herd of three are waiting for you at the gate. Now go gallop on the clouds.
Luigi, Border Collie/Catahoula mix. Frisbee is his obsession!
Muffin, Shih Tzu. Muffin is so cute. After she eats, she rolls onto her back to scratch and sings!
Molly, Australian Shepherd Mix
Playing Pixie's most favorite game - Fetch!
Harley & Dakota, gregarious would be an understatement for these Nigerian Dwarf goats!
Arnold, a pot bellied pig. A little shy, but VERY smart & vocal!
Gucci, Shih Tzu
Pork Chop, Boxer
Tiki & Titan, Min Pins
Ten brand new baby ducks (lower left corner)!
Ketchum, Briard - you gotta just love those ears!
Missy & Babe, Appaloosas
Rocco & Onyx
Taz, Mini Aussie
Bubba, Appaloosa. Bubba is SO cute. He waits for me at the gate and nickers when he sees my car pull up...
Pixie, Border Collie
Bicycling with Shirley Anne
Shirley Anne, Pointer & fellow agility enthusiast
Cody, Collie Mix
Bruno, Rotwieller
Buck & Brandy
"The Dude" & Sophie
Bicycling with Isabella, Goldendoodle
Maggie in her summer dress!
Bicycling with Willy, a VERY energetic Llewellin Setter. This dog runs like the wind!
Willy is finally tired!
Willy is so handsome, I just had to include one more picture!
Gus, a Havanese mix. He loves to play fetch and sneezes when he wants a cookie!
Cheyenne & Koda, my neighbors' dogs
Clara & Max, Boxers
Toolah, Dixie & Denver, Newfoundlands. Can you say slobber?! They are goofy & VERY affectionate!
Mia & Sasha
Mocha's twins. Baby lambs born while their owners were on vacation! I called them Spot and Striper, and they are one day old in this picture.
Glory & Bunnee, Nubian Goats
Kisses from Bunnee!
Ruby's triplets. Baby lambs born while their owners were on vacation. I called them Chiffon, Heffer, and Bandit, and they are two days old in this picture.
Sandy, one of the sweetest dogs on the planet.
Zapato and Angel (mini donkey & mini horse).
Rico - on stall rest after an injury. He and I bonded when I was hand walking him.
Booth & Echo, Springer Spaniels and fellow agility enthusiasts!
Tiki, Mini Pin. Her favorite thing is to snuggle with you under a blanket.
Walking Titan, Tiki, and my three dogs: Coco, Dory, & Ace. Notice my cat Rex in the background! He likes to come on our walks too!
Max is so cute. When you walk in the door, he jumps up on this table and flops onto his side. He wants to make sure you notice how cute he is!
Tye & Tracker, miniature daschunds
Livingston, Hanovarian. Livi looks quite mischevious in this picture, but he is really just a big teddy bear. And I mean big! He stands over 17 hands tall!
Crissy, Hanovarian. At just two years of age in this picture, Crissy is already 16 hands tall! She is a very sassy girl!