Daily Visits (30 minutes)

  • starting at $17 for one daily visit
  • starting at $34 for two daily visits   


Discounted Rates for daily visits

A discounted rate will apply under the following circumstances:

  • starting at $12 for a 30 minute visit if you have two or more neighbors that use my services on the same day/same time.  $5 for every 15 minutes after that. 


The same discounted rates will apply if I have other clients that live nearby that I visit on the same day/same time. 



Extended Care

A per diem rate will apply and will be quoted depending on the amount of work to be done.


Please ask about other low cost options that might be available.


Stall Cleaning

$7 per stall with a $28 minumum.  If you have fewer than four stalls, other services can be provided to meet the $28 minimum. 


Pet Taxi

$25 plus 50 cents per mile for the round trip miles between your house and the desination.  Additional charges will apply if I wait for the pet and the wait is longer than one hour ($5 for each additional 15 minutes over one hour).  If I drop the pet off, I can pick it up later and only additional mileage charges will apply.     



Dog Bathing*

$25 for dogs up to 35 lbs

$35 for dogs 35 lbs to 55 lbs

$45 for dogs 55 lbs and over


$10 extra for long-coated dogs


*If would prefer to not use your own facilities, I can take your dog to the self wash in town for an additional $18. 


Horse Grooming

Mane Pulling..............$25 

(surcharge will apply for extra long and/or thick manes)


Basic Clip...................$20 (if done with mane pulling)

                                 $25 as a single service

(whiskers, bridle path, jaw line, ears, and legs)


Body Clipping:

Full Body Clip.....$185

Trace Clip..........$115






*Horse's mane must be braidable length; otherwise, mane pulling charges will also apply.